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Knowledge transfer is inconceivable without language!


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Language connects people all over the world

Landry & Associates International

International translation and interpretation services

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We craft technically sound translations in virtually every language in the world. This includes various different types of texts and documents: medical and pharmaceutical texts, advertisements, legal texts, contracts, interpretation in judicial proceedings and notarizations.

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Drafting of medical texts

Challenging assignments in the field of medicine and the life sciences. Co-coordinated authoring of scientific texts up to the "ready to publish" stage. Notarization of medical and pharmaceutical texts.

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Scientific and technical proofreading

Editorial revision / Language editing. The German edition of the journal Evidence-Based Medicine is also translated and edited by us, as are the Cochrane Abstracts.

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A world without language barriers

Our professional translation service offers you access to the world's best translators. With LANDRY & ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL, you have access to innovative concepts and tools to overcome language barriers, in the form of high-quality translations into and from 37 languages in all fields of human endeavor.

Standard Operating Procedures

Focused use of linguistic and professional skills. Our golden rule for professional translations is deployment of translators who are native speakers of the target language:

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    Process-oriented translations with objective quality controls.

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    Comprehensive, specialized dictionaries as terminology databases

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    An experienced team of academics, linguists, doctors, lawyers, life scientists, etc.

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    A pool of over 1000 translators worldwide

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    A fair and transparent pricing structure for reliable, specialized translations



Our translation service offers you on-time, reliable and technically sound translations as well as quick and professional handling of your assignments.


High-quality translations and competent interpretation services worldwide, from and into almost all languages, always by native speakers of the target language to ensure the best quality.

Standard (SOPs)

We work strictly according to Standard Operating Procedures and DIN Standards ADD NUMBER. Meeting the quality requirements of our customers is our goal.